Vinyl Wrap & Graphics

Looking to renovate your interiors? Vinyl wrapping is a very stylish way of giving something a new image without the need to actually replace it! Wall graphics are only the beginning...

Your table weary? Vinyl wrap it. Your cupboard scruffy? Vinyl wrap it. Kitchen dated? Vinyl wrap it.

An excellent addition to our service offering we bring this innovative wrapping to hospitals, schools, apartments and more. So, how does it work? Anything can be vinyl wrapped to your specification bringing a cost-effective, hygienic and stylish method of updating and refreshing your interiors.

Why replace furniture when you can wrap it? 

The design options are endless, contact us for further details.

Check out the inspiring gallery below and let us know how we can help you to refresh your interiors. 

Ideal innovation for hospitals, care homes, schools, apartments, residential...

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