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Rhoda Smith

Rhoda is our Marketing Manager, read on to find out more about her.
Q: So we understand you're the Marketing Manager here at Windowcharm, can you describe your role to us?
A: As the Marketing Manager here, I look after all aspects of marketing, brand management and communications. Brand is something I'm passionate about so having the opportunity to make a strong brand stronger... well, I'm right behind it.
Q: And what does that mean for you on a day to day basis?
A: My average day involves management of social media posts, website monitoring and blogging, targeting new customers by eshot. I may spend a day on site photographing or filming a finished project. Or I may be in the office interviewing our phenomenal team. And if the factory is busy, well I go down there too. I spend a lot of time in Creative Cloud, producing data sheets, marketing materials, creating videos, building on the brand, editing images. You may even find me gazing out of the window... it's just something copywriters do...
Q: Which part of your role do you love the best?
A: Now that's not easy. Because I actually love everything I do. I guess the creative elements are really my forté.
Q: Name one thing you do every day to support a positive mindset.
A: Smile
Q: In your opinion, why should our clients see us as their preferred supplier?
A: Well I could get all my marketing spiel out or I could just say because we have an excellent product, with great lead times and frankly, that can't always be found elsewhere.
And just for fun...
Q: Favourite colour?
A: Kind of has to be hot pink... but I've just bought a lime green car... guess I'm a bright colour person.
Q: Beans on toast or Sunday roast?
A: Sunday Roast!
Q: Spring, summer, autumn or winter?
A: They're all beautiful in their own right... but Autumn does have something special about it.
Q: If you had the choice, what would the world smell of?
A: Orange blossom and neroli.

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