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NHS, we're here for you!

We put the blinds down at 5pm Tuesday 22nd and raise them again on Monday 4th January 2021. Yes, 2021 😁.

2020 has been exceptionally busy for us as we’ve fought Covid19 alongside the hospitals, and our staff are having a well-deserved break. We say this feelingly, knowing that our NHS staff are still on call, still putting the hours in, still caring for us and our families, still working around the clock and we can’t express our appreciation enough.

So, our message to the NHS is this, while our blinds may be down, if you need us, we’re here for you, 24/7. Add us as a contact to your mobile now and you can message us directly via WhatsApp – 0114 255 3459, alternatively email as this is picked up out of hours too.

We sincerely hope you get a break too but we are ready to support you when needed.


We have window furnishings covered!

0114 255 3459 (Sheffield)

01246 586 056 (Chesterfield)
0113 426 4320 (Leeds)
01709 379 092 (Rotherham)

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