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LEGO - the result of hard work and determination!

We thought we'd take a look into the history of Lego and we found that it's been built on determination despite various crises being thrown at it. This tells its own tale and should encourage all of us to persevere in the times of adversity that we find ourselves in right now.

Lego has long been associated with #education and is indeed pivotal in the development of children where there may be learning difficulties.

So, get out your Lego bricks students! We challenge you to turn one of today's lessons into a Lego creation! - be sure to share the results with us! We'd love to see your work.

Watch the fascinating history of LEGO and the determination of the founder to never give in!

How do you think these famous little bricks are made today? Watch this video to find out.

And here we have the LEGO link with education.


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