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Every window needs a blind!

Windowcharm was established in 1975 and for the last 45 years have served the commercial sector with high quality #windowcoverings, quietly evolving over time and embracing the #change required to keep ahead of the marketplace.

Coupling the ethos and personal #service long established by founder, Leonard Warrilow, with innovative technologies we are now in our third generation and climbing - Arne Warrilow.

Windowcharm. The home of beautiful window furnishings for #commercial interiorization.

Little did Leonard realise when he created his slogan ‘Every window needs a blind’, that 45 years later it would become a hashtag. I mean, what was a #hashtag in 1975?

The picture below, gracing the wall of our manager’s office today (James Warrilow), was created by Leonard in the late '70s. Perhaps we need a second picture now, bearing the hashtag… what will #hashtag mean 45 years from now?

PS – You won’t find Leonard on LinkedIn, but he plays a huge part in the #history of Windowcharm Blinds & Curtains.


We have window furnishings covered!

0114 255 3459 (Sheffield)

01246 586 056 (Chesterfield)
0113 426 4320 (Leeds)
01709 379 092 (Rotherham)

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