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British Pie Week!

Can't wait until lunchtime...

It's British Pie Week this week so we decided to treat the staff, and what better way than with a Great British Pork Pie! And what better day for pie day, than Friday!

A beautiful selection of pork pies, from the award-winning Toppings Pies - beautifully British, Yorkshire, in fact.

The Pork Pie - not just made in Britain but born in Britain.

What's your favourite?

✔ Tangy Pickle & Wensleydale

✔ Caramelised Red Onion

✔ Spiced Tomato, Onion & Feta

✔ Cranberry

✔ Stilton

✔ Traditional

Mine has got to include wensleydale 👌


We have window furnishings covered!

0114 255 3459 (Sheffield)

01246 586 056 (Chesterfield)
0113 426 4320 (Leeds)
01709 379 092 (Rotherham)

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