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25 Uses of an Umbrella

So, we did a bit of research into what umbrellas have been used for over the years, and we found some interesting ideas.

1. One thing that did interest me is the use of the umbrella in children's books... why, I wonder?

Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, Dr Seuss, Amelia-Ann & the Green Umbrella, Peter Rabbit, The Green Umbrella, Rupert & the Sage of Um... the list goes on! Interesting observation - can anyone throw any light on that one?

2. Historically, or course, the umbrella was a sunshade.

3. Primarily, these days, used for keeping dry from the rain.

4. A kite - apparently a broken umbrella can be successfully turned into a kite! Project for the kids next holiday.

5. A garden planter.

6. And while we're on plants, turned the other way up and stuck firmly in the ground, your umbrella can offer plants protection from inclement weather - the handle also acts as a plant stake.

6. Decor - used outdoors or indoors a display of umbrellas hung either way can be very effective. Is sometimes seen at big events or weddings.

7. Storage - hung by its handle, an umbrella creates a very innovative storage solution. So many beautiful umbrellas around you'd be sure to get one to enhance your decor.

8. The photographers companion - I guess most photographers would possess an umbrella or two to assist them in creating the perfect lighting for their shots.

9. Protection - the umbrella can be used to halt thrown objects, prevent dog attacks, drive back individuals, cover the face and preserve the privacy of the personality under protection.

10. Painting poncho - another use for a broken umbrella is to turn the fabric into a poncho for a child to wear while painting!

11. A child's mobile - use a lovely umbrella upside down over a child's cot and create a mobile by hanging a light toy from each point - ensure child safety at all times. Also used the other way on the floor, toys could hang from the structure to keep a small child amused.

12. A light shade! - interesting one, might work well, might not! We use hats, so why not an umbrella! Probably remove the cane first...

13. A boat - Christopher Robin style...

14. Say it with flowers... and an umbrella!

15. A bird feeder - hang a small umbrella upside down in a tree and third fill with bird seed...

16. Fly protector - use to protect your picnic food from flies!

17. Add a broken umbrella to your cleaning kit - hang underneath a chandelier while cleaning, to catch the drips!

18. Use open on the ground to protect a small child from the sun.

19. Use as an accessory on a photo shoot.

20. Doubles very well as a walking stick.

21. Placed open in the garden make an excellent device for kids to practice their throwing skills!

22. Marketing! - Umbrellas make a perfect branded gift to thank your client for their business.

23. Use the fabric to make a skirt... 🤔 yep an option I guess but not sure one I'd jump at.

24. Several of them make excellent dens for the kids, especially coupled with a few blankets and chairs.

25. For sharing.

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