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Covid-Safe Blinds (9).jpeg


CoDefence.Glide is made of the same stuff as its sibling Shield. However, rather than sitting, stiff and starchy, in a rigid frame, Glide prefers the easy come, easy go approach.

CoDefence.Glide is an old favourite reconfigured to suit the current situation we find ourselves in. Glide is a roller blind made with clear film and fits nicely into a large number of applications, giving the flexibility of gliding swiftly out of the way should the situation require it.

Providing screening between people as needed, Glide is a very neat option with zero footprint. Suspended from the ceiling, Glide can even be concealed in acoustic fins as you see in the image above, keeping your workspace looking pristine.

Glide is also a winner with receptionists, as it can be retracted as needed, to receive a parcel for instance. Check out the showcase below for more ideas of where this can be used.

CoDefence.Glide is as wide or as tall as you need it to be, and a collection of them works well even in curved areas.

Covid-Safe Blinds (9).jpeg

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