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Enhanced infection control on your hospital wards!


Our latest innovation brings you a cost effective solution to manage your hospital bed spacing issues.

CoDefence.Flex is a simple solution; a seamless, wipeable curtain of PET fabric which works in with your existing curtain system providing a protective barrier between each patient.

The clear curtain, running parallel to each bed, synchronises with your disposable curtains ensuring that patients are clearly visible to nurses, yet protected, and your normal curtains are there when privacy is required. 

Features of the CoDefence.Flex:

  • Washable

  • Fire resistant

  • Flexible

  • Retains visibility

  • Reduces spread of virus between patients

  • Works with existing curtain tracking system

  • Strong eyelets for track and fittings

  • Seamless - prevents virus trap

Layout Proposals

The red lines being indicative of the CoDefence.Flex curtain, the black lines indicative of your existing curtains.


We can offer excellent lead times on these products due to in-house manufacturing at our factory in Sheffield.

Tristel Jet cleaning fluid is recommended by us for speedy and hygienic cleaning of CoDefence.Flex


We have window furnishings covered!

0114 255 3459 (Sheffield)

01246 586 056 (Chesterfield)
0113 426 4320 (Leeds)
01709 379 092 (Rotherham)

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