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Barron Naylor

Barron is a General Operative, read on to find out more about him.
Q: So, you're a General Operative here at Windowcharm, can you describe your role to us?
A: I'm a general operative, my role covers a wide range in my work place.
Q: And what does that mean for you on a day to day basis?
A: On an average day I would load up all required items for the current task and continue onto site.
Q: Which part of your role do you love the best?
A: There's various perks to the job.
Q: Name one thing you do every day to support a positive mindset.
A: I tend not to worry taking any task on cheerfully.
Q: In your opinion, why should our clients see us as their preferred supplier?
A: Because we are awesome, we are Windowcharm.
And just for fun...
Q: Favourite colour?
A: Vermilion.
Q: Beans on toast or Sunday roast?
A: Sunday roast gotta have yorky puds.
Q: Spring, summer, autumn or winter?
A: Winter.
Q: If you had the choice, what would the world smell of?
A: Gin and juice.

We have window furnishings covered!

0114 255 3459 (Sheffield)

01246 586 056 (Chesterfield)
0113 426 4320 (Leeds)
01709 379 092 (Rotherham)

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