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Lyndsay Walker

Lyndsay is our General Manager, read on to find out more about her.
Q: So, you're the General Manager here at Windowcharm, can you describe your role to us?
A: My role here at Windowcharm is very varied. I oversee the day to day activities of production, issue jobs to the production team, monitor work in progress daily, schedule orders, ensure all ISO 9001 procedures are adhered to and I'm always looking for ways to continuously improve our procedures and practices. I make sure all stocks are at sufficient levels and ensure everyone has what is needed to complete their daily tasks. On the flip side to this I'm responsible for making sure invoices and statements go out on time and price up projects as well as doing monthly reports. I enter all purchase orders, check statements and check all purchase invoices are as quoted.
Q: And what does that mean for you on a day to day basis?
A: Every morning when I come in I create the job cards and issue them to the correct production team. I then sit and write down my urgent tasks. This usually takes me in the direction of invoicing, updating locations of work in progress, entering sales orders on the system, placing orders and collating measurements from the surveyors.
Q: Which part of your role do you love the best?
A: I love the fact that no two days are the same. I enjoy all parts of my role (OK, maybe not filing) but best of all is that over the course of one day I get to work with the whole team in some way.
Q: Name one thing you do every day to support a positive mindset.
A: Make a list!! I know it sounds silly but it's so good to see things get ticked off a 'things to do' list :). Also when I'm overwhelmed by the workload I find the list helps me deal with things one job at a time.
Q: In your opinion, why should our clients see us as their preferred supplier?
A: Everyone that works here at Windowcharm wants the best experience for the customer, no matter how big or small the customer is. Even if they only ever buy one blind from us we give them the same service as customers that buys 1000's of products from us. We give time and effort to the smallest of detail and ensure a good quality product leaves these doors and is fitted in the same way.
And just for fun...
Q: Favourite colour?
A: Red.
Q: Beans on toast or Sunday roast?
A: Sunday Roast with the family.
Q: Spring, summer, autumn or winter?
A: Spring.
Q: If you had the choice, what would the world smell of?
A: Fresh Coffee.

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