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Lucy Puxty

Lucy is one of our Productions Assistants, read on to find out more about her.
Q: So, you're a Productions Assistant here at Windowcharm, can you describe your role to us?
A: My job title is Production Assistant and you will find me down in the workshop manufacturing your blinds.
Q: And what does that mean for you on a day to day basis?
A: There are varied aspects to the manufacturing processes, so a day could find me doing a variety of tasks such as cutting fabric for the roller blinds to assembling and packing them, sewing the louvres for your vertical blinds to piecing the headrail for them, or maybe getting your covid screen just perfect on the two days are the same.
Q: Which part of your role do you love the best?
A: I have no particular favourite task as such, although each have their own merits. For example, sewing the louvres is repetitive and meditative, getting a covid screen just perfect on the frame can be very rewarding, there is a sense of satisfaction when a peculiarly challenging headrail is finally completed and so the list goes on.
Q: Name one thing you do every day to support a positive mindset.
A: Several years ago I was given a travel mug, which I have used every day at work since. Across the front is the message 'Today is going to be a good day'. It's a good one to re-read when the going seems tough.
Q: In your opinion, why should our clients see us as their preferred supplier?
A: The goods supplied are of a superior quality.
And just for fun...
Q: Favourite colour?
A: Blue.
Q: Beans on toast or Sunday roast?
A: Beans on toast. Definitely.
Q: Spring, summer, autumn or winter?
A: A toss up between Spring and Autumn, one for anticipation and discovery of new seedlings, leaves and buds and the other for the colours, fruits and crisp air.
Q: If you had the choice, what would the world smell of?
A: Fresh cut grass.

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